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RECIPE: Raspberry Coconut Ice Cream Dessert with Energyballs

By Nicole Figari, Nutritionist, author of the book "And now what do I eat?" and co-author of the book "Simple, rich and healthy", @nicole.figari
Because with this heat all snacks/cookies/cookies should be frozen, right?

That's why Nutritionist Nicole Figari leaves us here this exquisite coconut, raspberry and @ smartsnack.cl ice cream dessert


- 1 package of PEANUT CRANBERRIES Energyballs

-1 jar of coconut cream (only the solid part)

- 2 tablespoons of honey or maple syrup

- 1 cup of raspberries


Grind the balls and press on a silicone mold.

In the blender, process the coconut cream with the honey.

Fill the molds with the mixture and decorate with raspberries and coconut flakes.

Take to the freezer for at least 3 hrs.

And to enjoy!!



Take to the freezer at least 3 hrs.

And enjoy!!!

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