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5 tips to resume running post-quarantine

By Josefina Strahovsky, editor of @ladyrunchile

It was hard for us to sit still! Although the first days were incredulity, after walking in isolation we realized that we had to find another way to move. That running would not be possible in months. We started the training at home with everything and the truth surprised us... it was much more entertaining than we expected!

Regardless of the fact that we have loved our indoor routines, we were dying to run outdoors again. And now that the time has come to go out again (for those who are already in the transition stage) we must run with a social distance (10 meters in the case of runners) and masks during the journey. But, not only that, we have to give the body time to reconnect.

That's why here are some tips for you to consider before resuming running.

Remember how (and why) you started. This quarantine has been a good tool to return to the simple, and that in the case of running has to do with remembering how we started and why we wanted to start running. Before leaving, take a moment to order your priorities and favor the workouts that you like the most.

Come back little by little. We feel like (literally) running away! As far as possible, as quickly as possible, but it is not the most recommended. Not only do we stop running, but we also drastically lower our daily steps and although the body has memory (don't miss this note on Ladyrun: https://www.ladyrun.cl/entrenamiento/no-te-asustes-si-te -it costs-to-start-again-the-body-has-memory/ ) it is important to start gradually. One of the most important tips for novice runners applies perfectly for this return: run for time, rather than distance, and build progressively from there.

Be constant. Within the days that are established (which at the time of publishing this note was only from Monday to Friday) try to run every day, for periods or distances that are comfortable for you. Return to the habit consistently so that your body activates its memory and feels in control again with each workout.

Don't look at the clock. We runners are competitive, maybe not with our peers... but with ourselves, a lot! And that is why it can be a bit 'sad' to give so much importance to the figures that our training clock gives us because surely the performance will not be the same. And the idea is to motivate us, not throw us down. Give yourself 1-2 weeks to run without looking at the device, and when you feel more comfortable, put it back on.

Respect the rules. This is perhaps the most important advice: respect the rules. We understand that we are anxious, that we wanted to run again to be free, but complying with the rules is too important to move forward, not make others sick and not lock ourselves up again. So, even if it's hard, keep your distance, run only at permitted times and wear a mask on the way to your training.

If you want more tips for runners, we have all the tips you need at www.ladyrun.cl


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  • Staying idle proved challenging for us! Initially, we were in disbelief, but as we settled into isolation, we quickly understood the need to adapt. Recognizing that running outdoors wouldn’t be feasible for months, we began training at home, and to our surprise, it turned out to be far more engaging than we anticipated!

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