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RECIPE: Vegan Coconut Butter Almond Ice Cream

Already children want to show off for these days of vacations, holidays and celebrations? With this VEGAN ICE CREAM with Almond Butter and coconut you will be like 👑 and no one will be able to resist!!

- 1 cup of flaked coconut
- 2 cans of coconut cream (non-vegan option 400ml of milk cream)
- 1 jar of condensed coconut milk (or normal)
- 1 jar of Coconut Almond butter @SmartSnack.cl (200g)
- 1 tbsp vanilla essence

Chocolate ganache:
- 100ml coconut cream (or milk cream)
- 100g dark chocolate

1. The night before, leave the cream in the refrigerator to chill. If you make the vegan option, make sure that the liquid separates well from the cream, since this is the part that we are going to use.
2. Heat the oven to 200ºC and spread the laminated coconut on a baking tray. bake
Then, in a food processor, crush the coconut for a couple of seconds to make it finer.
3. Add 400ml of cream to a bowl and with a mixer stir at maximum speed until the cream increases its volume and looks a little more rigid and foamy.
4. In a food processor or food processor, mix the condensed milk, almond butter and vanilla. Then scoop out half a cup of the whipped cream and incorporate it into this mixture. In this way both mixtures will join more easily in the next step.
5. With a spatula, incorporate the mixture into the whipped cream with enveloping movements. Finally add the chopped coconut.
6. Finally, to make the ganache, heat the heavy cream in a saucepan over low heat, stirring until bubbles begin to form. At that moment add the chocolate and stir quickly so that it melts and dissolves in the cream. Let stand until it cools down a bit.
To assemble the ice cream:
7. In a metal mold (I used one for bread) add half of the mixture and then spread half of the chocolate ganache.
8. Finally repeat the previous step: put the other half of the ice cream, then the ganache.
9. Leave it in the freezer for 8 hours or until frozen.
**Suggestion: Remove from the refrigerator about 10 minutes before serving so that it is not so hard.

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