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The Happiness of Running in times of Coronavirus

By Gonzalo Zapata, creator of @corrercorriendo

Initially for many runners, the confinement and isolation was synonymous with frustration, we can no longer go out, run outdoors, enjoy the wind on our faces, a large number of races were cancelled, etc.. and then they begin to emerge Thoughts like, so much that I train for my race and I won't be able to do it anymore, I don't know when I can run again, demotivation, pessimism and negativity.

However, none of this should happen! Sport benefits health and helps us stay positive and distracted from what is happening in the outside world. Therefore as runners we are challenged to maintain our physical condition and our form. Although we cannot go jogging, we can do various exercises to strengthen our legs, upper body and keep our cardiovascular system active.

And while sport will be a great tool to motivate us and keep our minds healthy and positive, it's not the only thing we should practice in these quarantine periods.

Here are 6 tips to stay happy and healthy.

1- Exercise. Exercising and moving strengthens our immune system, it also helps us release endorphin, a substance that increases the state of well-being and decreases the sensation of emotional pain.

2- Hydrate. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day helps energize, eliminates toxins, prevents constipation and helps reduce feelings of fatigue.

3 - Eat well. Eating healthy is essential to strengthen our immune system. Let's avoid processed foods and prepared meals, let's go back to cooking and nourishing ourselves from the earth.

4 - Make yourself a routine. Having routines helps us to have a mental order and be more productive and efficient in the tasks that we have to carry out in our day to day. Many of us are not used to working from home, let alone being locked up, so it is essential to have a good routine in order to be disciplined and not get stressed.

5- Rest. Rest is essential for our mental health. When we sleep our cells regenerate, it helps us maintain a healthy weight and helps protect our heart health.

6- Thank you. Every day when you wake up or go to bed, think about what you have, feel your body, breathe, be thankful for what you have and complain less about what you don't have. Always focus on seeing the glass half full instead of half empty.

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