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5 habits for a healthier diet

By Francisca Angermeyer, Co-Founder of @karmas.cl, the first WELLNESS showcase that connects women with everything related to sports, fitness, physical and emotional health, nutrition, healthy eating, therapies, coaching, massages, body treatments, spa, books and beauty products to connect you with the world of Wellness or integral well-being.

Maintaining a healthy diet is not just a matter of calories, but rather incorporating habits into our lives that allow us to meet our nutritional and energy needs in order to have a better state of health.

It can be very difficult to change a bad habit that we have been doing for years, so today we want to share 5 simple habits that will bring multiple benefits to your health.

  1. Drink water on an empty stomach

Our body is made up mainly of water, which is why it is very important for our health to drink it daily. Drinking one or two glasses of water on an empty stomach has been shown to bring multiple benefits.

But why fasting? To be able to activate the functioning of our organs!

Incorporating this habit into your life will help you metabolize the nutrients in food, lubricate the digestive system, stimulate intestinal transit, and help your metabolic rate. In addition to many other benefits for the skin and the proper functioning of your body.

  1. eat breakfast like queen

Breakfast helps us start the day with energy, activate our brain and regulate hunger.

Various studies say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The Journal of Nutrition analyzed people who ate breakfast versus people who did not and found that those who did have better metabolic responses and therefore lower rates of obesity.

The idea is to decrease the portions during the day, ending with a small portion at night. The quality and quantity of food we eat are important, but the moment we eat it also matters.

Make sure that your breakfast includes protein (it can be an egg, almonds, turkey ham, fresh cheese), fiber (some options are oatmeal, whole grain bread, pear, kiwi, banana, flaxseed), and nutrients (juice of natural orange, avocado, nuts, milk).

*There are some recent studies that indicate that the order of the meals does not matter, but the quantity and quality of the meals consumed during the day. But the vast majority of studies and the most renowned worldwide affirm that it does influence and that breakfast is the most important of the day.

  1. eat every 3 hours

Including snacks between the main meals of the day will allow you to improve your metabolism, arrive less hungry for the important meals of the day and therefore avoid eating too much food. It will also help you keep your energy levels more stable.

Some snack ideas can be the energy balls from Smart Snack, which we love! a fruit, a low-fat yogurt, nuts or whole grain cereal.

  1. Avoid buying so as not to be tempted

If you are one of those tempted people, the best solution to avoid eating that chocolate or whatever you love is simply not having it. The first time you're going to regret it and you're going to repeat more than once "why didn't I buy it", but later you'll realize that this feeling passes and that you really didn't need it.

In any case, it is always good to have something tasty around, especially in these times of confinement in which anxiety seems to be our best friend. The good news is that eating rich does not mean not being able to eat healthy, today there are many healthy and delicious food options!

  1. Start now!

The sooner you start the better, don't think about it too much and start little by little. It is said that habits are formed in 21 days, propose to start with one of these and when you feel ready to include another, you incorporate them one by one. The idea is not to torture yourself and fill yourself with restrictions or ideals, the purpose of this is for us to transform our lifestyle and for them to become part of our routines.

cheer up! Which one would you like to go with?

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