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Eating healthy in 4 simple steps

If we review the figures, delivered by the Ministry of Health, in Chile there is much to change. According to the latest National Survey of Food Consumption, 95% of Chileans do not eat healthy. Looking for simple, unprocessed, nutrient-dense alternatives is one of the keys to turning those worrying statistics around.

Only 25% of Chileans consume snacks between meals. According to a Minsal survey.

Having quick and healthy snack alternatives on hand allows us to keep blood sugar balanced, which translates into less hunger and greater control of those impulses to eat caloric foods when we have already gone several hours without eating.

Here we leave you 4 simple tips so that you have the tools to choose healthy foods:

  1. Plan your week. Our diet cannot be left to chance, the rush and the lack of the ingredients we need make us make bad decisions. A good way to get ahead is to have an eating plan that considers meals and snacks, buy what is necessary 1 day of the weekend and leave another to leave some preparations in advance.
  1. Always choose the unprocessed. Here it is not necessary to check labels or count calories. An unprocessed food gives a simple but powerful guarantee. You go to safety.
  1. Don't skip the snacks. Arriving at lunch or dinner starving is a bad idea. A safe formula to make the wrong decisions. If you have blood sugar controlled by a planned food intake, you will surely favor healthier foods with low caloric density.
  1. Go back to the kitchen. Re-enchant yourself with preparing your own food, it often takes less time than we think and the mere fact of going back to the kitchen allows us to make healthier decisions that are far from processed foods. Everything has a healthier version, it is only necessary to put your hands in the dough.

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