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Recipe: Rich healthy cakepops

Ideal for birthdays, events or to take them to shared school snacks. With this healthy alternative to cakepops you will surely shine and best of all, they are prepared in a few minutes!

healthy cake pops

(For 10 balls)


4 tablespoons of good quality bitter cocoa couverture

Agave or your favorite sweetener to taste (not necessary if you don't want to add it, it will just be a little sweeter)

¼ cup chopped almonds

¼ cup chopped pistachios

¼ cup shredded coconut

10 skewer sticks


  1. Chill the Energy Balls in the refrigerator for 1 hour
  2. Heat the cocoa in a bain-marie until it melts.
  3. Add the chosen agave or sweetener, mix well
  4. Pierce the Energy Balls with the skewer sticks
  5. Dip the Energy Balls into the chocolate mixture
  6. Sprinkle with almonds, pistachios or grated coconut and wait until they dry.
  7. Store refrigerated once dry.

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