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9 tips to have a healthy vacation

At last, this wonderful time of the year has arrived, the long-awaited HOLIDAYS, where all we have to do is enjoy free time.

The problems appear when this free time sabotages all the progress we have made to have healthy habits during the year, for example: eating healthier, exercising, getting up early….

But the good news is that maintaining healthy habits while on vacation doesn't mean you stop enjoying your vacation. These simple tips will help you achieve it easily and without willpower!

  1. Hydrate yourself : it is essential to maintain an adequate state of hydration and, for this, we must increase the intake of water and fruits and vegetables that we can take in the form of juices or cold soups.
  2. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables : at this time we find many that, in addition to hydrating us, are very low in calories.
  3. Eliminate caloric drinks : if you want to control your weight you must completely eliminate all drinks that provide calories. You can replace them with water, "light or sugar-free" drinks and infusions.
  4. Avoid a sedentary lifestyle : it is a good time to exercise, taking advantage of free time and the weather. Going for a walk in the afternoon is also a good option!
  5. Respect meal times : so you won't be attacking the fridge all the time!
  6. Keep the hours of sleep : at least sleep 8 hours, take advantage of the fact that you do not have to take the children to school to rest!
  7. Look for simple foods, simple recipes : avoid processed foods, always read the labels; take advantage of eating raw vegetables!
  8. Protect yourself from the sun : whatever our vacation destination, we always spend more time outdoors. For this reason, you should not miss photoprotectors of factor 30 or more to protect you, sunglasses and a hat.
  9. Take your EnergyBalls : they can't be missing! Whether it's to eat before going for a walk, for dessert or mid-morning, they are always a perfect complement to your vacation!!!

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