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6 simple steps to start moving in this quarantine!

By Gonzalo Zapata, creator of @corrercorriendo

During these last months we have been subjected to a series of changes both personally and professionally, our routines have been altered and we are in a lot of uncertainty, the above has caused us to be more anxious and stressed. That is why it is essential that we worry about our physical and mental health, let's not let more time pass! For that it is important to start moving, since it is not a simple path, I leave you 6 simple tips that can help you:


Create a routine: It is very important to have a defined schedule to play sports, that it is scheduled and given importance, it is not an activity to move or change.

Start with an achievable goal: For example, play sports 3 times a week for 30 minutes. We do not intend to make a radical change, because we will probably get frustrated and not be constant.

Set a simple goal: Relax, change the routine, distract myself. As the weeks go by, start to include other goals: lose weight, do longer workouts or include more days

Do not rush: Changes take time to arrive, you have to be constant and understand that there is a process of adaptation in your body.

Inspire the rest: Include your family and friends, share your challenge and achievements with those around you, try to get them to join in, it will be much easier to meet your goal.

Enjoy! It is a privilege to have the opportunity to play sports and improve our physical and mental health. Don't let time pass you by….Start now!

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