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4 benefits of coconut that you probably did not know

Coconut, which is one of the main ingredients in our Energy Balls. It has earned its superfood label for its high content of good fats for the body, but that is not its only property. Here we tell you more reasons to always include it in your diet.

The battle of good fats versus bad fats is already won. At this stage

we know how to distinguish between those foods that, although rich in fatty acids, are good for health. Coconut is one of them. Its fats have the characteristic that they can be quickly metabolized by the body, transforming them into energy.

We know that, but there are other benefits of consuming coconut that are not as well known. Here we tell you some of those lesser-known properties, but just as healthy .

  • Kills bacteria and infections

One of the acids that make up the fatty content of coconut - lauric acid - when digested by the digestive system produces a substance that is highly beneficial for the body to fight against bacteria, viruses, fungi and infections in general.

  • Control blood sugar

Its high fiber content makes coconut a perfect food for blood sugar control with a low glycemic index. Regulates insulin secretion, allowing you to control those cravings for sweet foods. In addition, it produces a higher level of satiety!!!

  • Improves digestion

The composition of its fatty acids makes it easier for the body to digest them, which, together with its high fiber content, allows the digestive system to function better and also absorb nutrients more efficiently.

  • Boosts brain function

All organs in the body require fat, including the brain. Coconut provides you with the good fatty acids you need for proper functioning. Studies have even shown that consuming coconut can be beneficial in preventing cases of Alzheimer's and dementia.

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